Nissan Note

The Nissan Note is a stylish and compact car, designed to give you maximum comfort and space on the road. It has an impressive amount of storage and the ground-breaking Flexiboard system in the back, making it the perfect everyday car for travelling with family or embarking on a driving adventure. The Nissan Note's exterior has been designed with group travel in mind - the wheels are placed as far into the car’s corners as possible, giving you and your passengers plenty of space to stretch and relax.

Uniquely designed to stand out from the crowd and turn heads on every journey, the Nissan Note has an attractive cambered roof and boomerang-style tail lights to leave a strong impression. The modern style of the vehicle goes hand-in-hand with the power and performance hidden within, and the Nissan Note’s 1.5dCi engine packs a real punch, using the latest in diesel technology to provide impressive torque. You will undoubtedly appreciate the quiet, clean and efficient drive whenever you hit the road – and if that wasn’t enough, the car’s fuel economy will convince you it’s the perfect choice.

In addition to the attractive body and substantial power, the Nissan Note’s in-car technology and extras are designed to make each drive simple and enjoyable. The lights, wipers and air conditioning are automatically activated when you need them, keeping you comfortable and safe in any weather. And that’s not all, the logical controls on the steering wheel enable you to operate the Nissan Note’s computer and change audio settings with ease, ensuring that you don’t need to take your eyes off the road for a second. You and your passengers will also feel fully reassured by the built-in front, side, and curtain airbags – providing complete protection on each trip that you make.

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